54% of RIA firms expect to acquire another firm within two years.

— DeVoe 2019 RIA M&A Outlook Study
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Capital Guidance and Solutions to Support Acquisitions or Internal Expansion

Whether you need $200,000 or $200,000,000 to fund your acquisition, succession, or growth initiatives, our experts can lead you in finding the right solution.

DeVoe CapitalWorks™ is a platform that helps RIAs secure capital. We’ll help you understand your financing options, assess which one is best for you, and introduce you to one or more providers based on your situation.

Today’s lending and capital options have mushroomed to include conventional loans, SBA loans, private equity, revenue share agreements, passive capital, patient capital, and more. The proliferation of loans and capital options is great for the RIA space, but you might be overwhelmed or confused.

That’s where DeVoe CapitalWorks comes in.

Quick and Easy Process

  • Schedule a call for a brief consultation with a DeVoe expert.

  • Tell us about your situation and goals – we will walk you through what we need.

  • Get our unbiased guidance and an introduction to one (or more) solution providers that best fit your needs.

Why We Created DeVoe CapitalWorks
DeVoe & Company helps RIAs with succession planning and acquisitions - and often these initiatives can benefit from loans. So, after doing all our homework on all the capital providers for years, we thought we should share the knowledge. We’ve identified the capital providers who focus on the wealth management industry, continue to monitor the new players and solutions, and then connect it all back to the needs of a given advisor.

So, call us, get connected to the right funding source quickly, and get back to the important work of serving your clients. Even better, your consultation is complimentary during our introductory time period, which expires at year end 2019.

Contact Lynn at lynn.kennerly@devoe-co.com or call 415-813-5066 x5 to schedule a time for us to talk.


Important Note: Providers are not required to pay fees to be part of our service or to receive introductions. DeVoe & Company may receive fees from certain lending and capital providers. By design, these fees have no affect on introductions we make. We will provide specific details about fees to any advisor who engages with the program.