“DeVoe & Company helped educate us on the nuances of understanding and negotiating a transaction where everyone wins. We couldn’t have done it without them.”
— Sue Stevens - regarding her sale to Buckingham Strategic Wealth
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The Most Important Decision of Your Career

Buying, selling, or merging your business is potentially the most important decision you will make in your career. Therefore, we seek to make hiring DeVoe & Company the second-most important decision of your career.

The magnitude of your decision is top of mind for us every day. And that’s why we are extremely focused.

DeVoe & Company is a leading boutique investment bank focused on providing M&A services to RIAs. We aren’t distracted by transactions outside of the U.S. Or FinTech deals. Or selling banks or other financial services companies. We focus exclusively on RIAs, so that we can best support you with this critical business decision in the best way possible.

We approach M&A like a craft. We are relentlessly improving our technical skills, negotiation acumen, ability to leverage technology, and understanding of psychology and human nature. Our goal is to best achieve your goal. We continually assess how we can help you best achieve your business—and personal—goals through the transaction at hand. We take this very seriously.

Our founder is the industry’s recognized thought-leader on RIA M&A. While running Schwab’s RIA M&A platform for nearly 10 years, he saw hundreds (and hundreds) of transactions up close. He also saw all of the industry’s investment bankers’ services up close. As a result, DeVoe & Company M&A services were designed from the ground up to capitalize on the vast number of deals our team has seen and executed over our 100+ years of experience, while also integrating the very best concepts from the best bankers (and eliminating the nasty bits).

As a result, the introductions we make and the transactions we craft are designed to exceed your goals 10 weeks, 10 months, and 10 years down the road.

Make the best, most important decision of your career.

Contact Lynn at lynn.kennerly@devoe-co.com or call 415-813-5066 x5 to schedule a time for us to talk.